Coronavirus – Covid 19 Information

Last updated: 23rd May 2021

IMPORTANT – In line with the latest Scottish Government Guidelines we are currently open for self catering bookings throughout Scotland

However we strongly recommend you see the latest guidelines below before committing to any future booking. However we must stress that non availability of any local facilities / services, or the obvious need to social distance from any person out with your bubble in the locality you are journeying too, is not a reason for cancelation. We are hiring self contained self catering holiday properties, so only their forced closure (as December 26th 2020 to April 26th 2021) or an official law enforcement traveling to them, is a reason to receive a 2 year voucher / free booking transfer (or cash refund if preferred)

Latest Scottish Government Guidelines


You can see the various protection levels in Scotland and the regions they apply to by visiting the

Latest Scottish Protection levels area by area

Scottish Covid Tier Postal Checker

If you to need to cancel a future booking due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, self isolation / Illness, an E Voucher, free booking transfer (or cash refund if preferred) is available giving you the advantage of being able to reschedule within the period up to the end of 2023, you will not lose your money booking with us.

Where applicable we would encourage all guests to transfer their holidays if they can to ensure that they still get the holiday they wish for in the future, the property owner still receives the booking they had expected to receive, the local caretaking job your booking creates is secured for the future, and we can retain our humble agency fee for organising your booking and its additional administration.

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In the meantime we are continuing to follow the advice of the UK government – and will update this page accordingly.

Like all other companies we only hear of any updates when the Public does – so just like you we can only try to understand and interpret the latest coronavirus / covid-19 updates, we have no further insight to what the next government position will be, over and above anything the general public knows.

Further information for covid-19 is available at –
Please note that the cash refunds offered under this policy for rental charges are made by the Owner of the property and facilitated and offered by as an Agent on behalf of the Owners. We are also happy to make an ex gratia payment covering our commission and fees, as a gesture of goodwill and not because of any legal obligation to do so